Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

In short, the pre stretching wrapping machine is to stretch the film in advance in the mold base device when wrapping the film, so as to improve the stretching proportion as much as possible, use the wrapping film to a certain extent, save materials and save packaging costs for users. Pre stretching wrapping machine can save wrapping film to a certain extent.

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When it comes to wrapping machine, it must be familiar to those who have been in contact with the packaging industry. The wrapping machine is suitable for the packaging of large goods and bulk products transported in containers. wrapping machine is also widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical industry, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. The use of wrapping machine for product packaging has the remarkable characteristics of dust-proof, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, which saves time, labor and worry.

Turntable Drive

The load-bearing design of 5-point 80 tooth large gear reduces the wear of vulnerable supporting wheel and noise to a certain extent. The frequency conversion speed regulation of rotary table is adjustable from 0 to 12 RPM / min. The rotary table starts and stops slowly and resets automatically. The rotary table is made of pure steel and high wear-resistant material, with longer service life. 

Product Display

Main Performance

The motor, wire, chain and other dangerous devices of the whole machine are all built-in. To ensure the safety of operators. The new 360 arc column design has a simple and generous appearance. PLC programmable control, wrapping program optional. Optional multi-functional man-machine interface touch screen display system to display the operation status of the equipment in real time. German beijiafu photoelectric switch automatically senses the height of goods. The number of wrapping layers, running speed and film tension can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is convenient and simple to operate. Independent frequency conversion control pre stretching automatic film feeding system, and the tension can be adjusted freely. The number of wrapping turns at the top and bottom are controlled separately, and 1-3 turns can be adjusted freely. Automatic and manual switchable, almost without daily maintenance .

Membrane System

The rising and falling speed of the membrane frame can be adjusted respectively. The wheeled membrane frame is light and durable. The film feeding speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the stretching control is more accurate, stable and convenient. The number of wrapping coils at the top and bottom shall be controlled separately. The film export system is an up-down follow-up mechanism, which is applicable to a wider range of films. The membrane frame is made of pure cast iron, which is light and stable. Wear resistant cots are selected for long service life.



Packaging scope


Turntable diameter


Table Height


Rotary table bearing


rotary speed


Packing Efficiency

20-40 Pallet/hr(Pallet / hour)

Power Supply


Wrapping Material

Stretch Film 500mmw,Core dia.76mm

Machine Dimension


Machine Weight


Non standard capability

Slope, capping, film breaking, packaging height, weighing

Packing material details

Packing Material

PE stretching film

Film width




Membrane System



touch screen


Frequency converter


Photoelectric detection


Travel switch


Photoelectric switch


Proximity switch


Rotary table reducer


Pre tension motor


Lifting reducer


★ Save stretching film and high cost performance.  The pre tension structure of the wrapping machine is reasonable, which can not only meet the wrapping demand, but also save packaging materials for customers as much as possible. The wrapping machine allows customers to realize the packaging value of one roll of film and two rolls of film.  ★ System advanced and stable. PLC can be programmed to control the operation of the whole machine, and the number of wrapping coils at the top and bottom can be adjusted respectively; The number of times of membrane rack up and down is adjustable. Separate man-machine interface operation screen + button operation panel, which is more convenient and simple to operate. Automatically detect the height of pallet materials, and automatically detect and display faults. The wrapping function is strengthened locally, which can provide special protection for a certain part.      The overall rotary sprocket design structure, star layout, wear-resistant supporting roller auxiliary support, low-noise operation. Frequency conversion speed regulation of rotary table, slow start, slow stop and automatic reset. The dynamic pre pulling mechanism of membrane frame makes it easy to pull out the membrane; Automatic alarm for breakage and exhaustion of wrapping film. The number of pallets of packaged materials can be recorded. Double chain structure is adopted, and the lifting speed of membrane frame is adjustable; To control the overlap ratio of the film. ★ Full screen touch, more options and strong controllability In terms of machine control, use more advanced and intelligent touch screen control. The touch screen is a working environment completely isolated from the outside world and is not afraid of dust and water vapor. The wrapping machine not only retains the traditional key operation function, but also provides more alternative options to realize diversified, convenient and safe operation modes. Of course, if customers are used to the traditional button operation mode, they can also produce according to the wishes of customers.

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